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Akira Toriyama with his pet cat, Koge (1987)

Zoe Slusar is a Canadian voice actress, actress and filmmaker from Black Diamond, Alberta currently living in Dublin, Ireland.


Slusar voiced the character Jungo in the Flemish created series.


Slusar in a September 2016 video

Slusar, along with Bailey Kerluke, founded Untitled Productions in 2006, to produce independent films. Among their works is the short film Paper Beats Rock, which won 1st place Peoples Choice Award at the 2009 24-hour Film Race competition in Calgary. In 2009, they produced their first feature-length film, Summer School. Their most recent project is the short film Black Coffee, which won the CBC's 2010 Calgary Short Film Contest.

In September 2016, Slusar gained attention in the media when a video emerged of her confronting a Calgary university student who was wearing a Donald Trump hat. It was reported that she later received death threats, with right wing commentators labelling her as an SJW or Social Justice Warrior.[1]




  • Swift and the Little Circus - Lillybell

Video Games[]

  • Gundam: Battle Assault 2 - Sai Saici