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Zeshin (ゼシン) is an extraterrestrial boy.


Zeshin is very dedicated to his crew, and will make sure nothing puts them in harm's way, much like he did when Bulma, Krillin and Gohan arrived on his spaceship. However, he can learn to trust outsiders if given proof.


Zeshin during Cui's attack

Zeshin is the leader of a colony of vagabond youths who travel space in an "invisible" ship, after Frieza orders the invasion of their home planet.

While Bulma, Krillin and Gohan are traveling en route to Namek, they are intercepted by the orphans' invisible spaceship, where at first they are reluctant to believe that the Earthlings are not involved in Frieza's empire. Zeshin trusts the group when they work to save the colony from being engulfed by an asteroid field, as he realizes that if the three had allegiance to Frieza, they would not have worked to save the children from being wiped out. Zeshin provides the three with the coordinates of Planet Namek and shares a good-natured farewell with them.

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