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"Zen-Oh watches these battles through the Zen-Oh Orb! Put on a good show and Zen-Oh will be pleased, which of course means something nice might happen!"
Mr. Satanman explaining Zen-Oh Orb Battles in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

The Zeno Orbs (全王玉 Zen'ō Dama) are robotic drones in Dragon Ball Heroes and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission that are manufactured and sent in-game by Zeno to observe fights.


  • Hikou - The ability to fly using wings or special mechanisms. Zeno Orbs fly via a propeller on their head.
  • Mighty Explosive Zeno Orb - Zeno Orbs have the ability to self-destruct in World Mission which is triggered when Zeno Orb is at Lvl MAX. When the ability is triggered, where Zeno will speak to the player's team through the orb before it goes off to trigger its Zeno-Oh Orb Finish self-destruct which inflicts 4000 DMG to the enemy team.

Video Game Appearances

In World Mission, their name is localized in English as Zen-Oh Orb and appear in a special type of battle called a Zen-Oh Orb Battles where Zeno observes the battle relayed to his GodPad through one of his Zen-Oh Orbs and awards them Battle Stars for performing certain actions in battle. The Battle Stars will level up the Zen-Oh Orb once the player collects a certain amount which increases the player team's chances of a Miracle Perfect, damage dealth, and decreases damage taken. If the player finishes the battle after acquiring a Battle Star they will be rewarded with a Super Dragon Ball.

"Zen-Oh Orb Finish deals 4000 DMG to enemy team"
Mighty Explosive Zen-Oh Orb Ability Effect description in World Mission

Additionally the player can trigger its Mighty Explosive Zen-Oh Orb ability to self-destruct to inflict 4000 DMG on the enemy team by having its level reach Zen-Oh Orb MAX (the Zeno Orb becomes surrounded by purple aura and electricity). Even if the Zeno Orb self-destructs, the player can still receive the Super Dragon Ball.

In addition to observing battles in the game world, they also appear to observe battles in the real world of Dragon Ball in story missions set in the real world. However they give out game world Super Dragon Balls.

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