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Zeno's Button is a teleportation device that would summon Zeno or Future Zeno to the location the user is at. On the other side there is another button where the user will be transported to Zeno.


When Goku came to see Zeno, he invited him to come to Earth sometime, so Zeno gave him a button where Zeno would appear. Later in the Future timeline Goku thought he had another Senzu Bean only for it to turn out that it was Zeno's button. Goku used it to summon Future Zeno in order to erase Infinite Zamasu. Sometime later, Goku thought about reminding Zeno of the upcoming tournament. Beerus, however, was skeptical, even when Goku revealed the alternate button of teleporting himself to Zeno. Threatening to kill Goku, Goku tricked Beerus and teleported himself to Zeno.

Video Game Appearances

The Zeno button is featured in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 during the "Future" Trunks Saga DLC. Goku drops the button during the fight with Goku Black and Zamasu, much to Old Kai's annoyance, as this means Goku would not be able to summon Future Zeno like he was supposed to. Later on, Chronoa has the Future Warrior retrieve the button and deliver it back to Goku so that he can summon Future Zeno to destroy Infinite Zamasu as he was supposed to.


  • This is the only item that Goku has kept in his possession ever since Zeno gave it to him.

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