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Zauyogi (ザウヨギ Zauyogi) is a member of the Galactic Bandit Brigade.


Zauyogi has a lizard-like appearance.


Unlike the other members, Zauyogi looks visibly disturbed when witnessing Moro consume planets, proclaiming to Yunba that "he'll never get used to that". Despite this, he is very loyal to Saganbo and Moro and enjoys serving under them.

Zauyogi is a very haughty person in battle, priding himself as both Saganbo's advisor, as well as being "a cut above” compared to the other convicts.

After his capture and being returned to the prison, Zauyogi is embittered over the loss of some of his comrades and holds contempt for the Galactic Patrol (not aware that all of it was Moro's doing).


Dragon Ball Super

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

Zauyogi faces Yamcha in battle

When the Galactic Bandit Brigade head for Earth, Zauyogi is one of the criminals who heads off in order to steal some of the planets treasure. He is confronted by Yamcha. Zauyogi gets the better of him, with Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu soon arriving to lend their aid. Zauyogi introduces himself by name and rank, before resuming the battle. Goku senses Zauyogi overwhelming the Earthling warriors.

After Goku arrives on Earth, he teleports over to the battle and intercepts Zauyogi's attack. Goku takes him out with a single blow, leaving Zauyogi to be successfully recaptured.

Granolah the Survivor Saga

Main article: Granolah the Survivor Saga Jaco and Calamis visit the Galactic Bandit Brigade in prison to ask if they know anything about a faint distress signal being left behind in the crater where Moro met his demise. Zauyogi speaks up saying that they have not forgotten that the Galactic Patrol killed their comrades. When Jaco reminds him that Moro was the one who ate and killed Seven-Three, Zauyogi tells him that he was never alive to begin with and Seven-Three was just a being that they stole and implanted with data in order to turn him into a powerhouse.



After getting powered up by Moro, Zauyogi is able to give Yamcha some trouble. Later he's shown to still give Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu a run for their money. However he is defeated by base Goku in one blow.


Dragon Ball Super


  • His name is an anagram of the Japanese pronunciation of the Jiaozi (餃子, Gyoza), thus he shares his name origin with Chiaotzu.



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