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Zarid is a young martial artist in the Galactic Patrol series one-shot Sachie-chan Guu!!.


Sachie-chan Guu!!

He agreed to help the Octos save their planet in exchange for 500 kilograms of beans. Before heading to Octo, he requested to have the Octos pick up another skilled martial artist named Momochi the 20th but they instead gather his daughter Sachie Momochi. On planet Octo, he takes out the Mil Clan members except their leader Mil who Sachie ends up taking out. He gets rewarded with a medal by the Galactic Patrol for helping defeat them before they were able to arrive. When he returns to Earth, he manages to save his dried up village with the 500 kilograms of beans that were promised and a seed and sapling set that Sachie decided to get that helped bring his land back to life thanking her.


He became a junior World Martial Arts Tournament champion.

Abilities & Weapons

  • Shurikenjutsu (手裏剣術) - The art of throwing Shuriken. Used by Zarid when he attempted to use Sachie's Shuriken-shaped hair clip as a weapon.

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