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Yunzabit Heights (ユンザビット高地 Yunzabitto Kōchi, lit. "Yunzabit Highlands") is a place at the "end of the Earth". The climate is very cloudy and it has strong winds. It is said to be very barren and cold.


The Nameless Namek's spaceship on Yunzabit Heights

Yunzabit Heights is where the Nameless Namekian landed on Earth when he was first sent. His home planet, Namek, was in danger of being destroyed and his father sent him to Earth in a spaceship hoping to save him. The Namekian lived in the spaceship at Yunzabit, waiting for his parents to return to him.

After the battle against the Saiyans, Mr. Popo went to Yunzabit Heights with Bulma to show her the Nameless Namek's Spaceship, which would allow her to travel to Namek and find the Dragon Balls they need to resurrect their friends. The spaceship was left there for many decades until Bulma took it to her father, Dr. Brief, who fixed it up for space travel. Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin then used it to get to Planet Namek.

Piccolo is later seen training here at the beginning of the Garlic Jr. Saga.

Video Game Appearances

The Nameless Namek's spaceship at Yunzabit Heights in Budokai

Yunzabit Heights appears in a cutscene in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai when Mr. Popo and Bulma go there for the Nameless Namek's spaceship. In Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, Yunzabit Heights is a location visited during the Dragon Team's search for Dragon Balls to resurrect Goku for the battle against the Saiyans. During their visit, they are attacked by the remnants of the Red Ribbon Army. The Nameless Namek's spaceship can be found on a hill and Piccolo will react if he investigates it, although his reaction is little more than silence, and finds a memo for the Demon Fusion Wave combo. The Z Fighters end up in front of an ice wall and decide to visit Annin again and ask her a Furnace flame to melt the wall. After this, they pass through the Yunzabit Ice Cave, and end up fighting and defeating a Red Ribbon Army member using a RR Power Robot for the One-Star Ball.

Enemies that are encountered here are Red Ribbon Medic, RR High Soldier, RR Ex-Staff Sergeant, Red Ribbon Spy Dog, RR Tundra Robot, Ice Dinosaur, and Snow Boar.

In Dragon Ball Online, some of the Namekian survivors of the destruction of New Namek by Mira end up settling in Yunzabit Heights.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Yunzabit Heights makes a brief cameo during some cutscenes where Mr. Popo takes Bulma to the Nameless Namekian's Spaceship. However it does not appear as a visitable location.

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