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Yukihiro Kitano is an Animation Supervisor in Dragon Ball Super between the God of Destruction Beerus Saga and the beginning of the Universe Survival Saga. Following episode 97, he has been demoted to the role of Key Animator.


Though an experienced animator with a plethora of work on the PreCure series, and even taking a supervisor role on the Yu Yu Hakusho movie, Yukihiro Kitano’s first major stint as a regular supervisor was on Toei’s Disk Wars: Avengers series. The character designs of Disk Wars: Avengers were primarily by Dragon Ball veteran and Super character designer, Tadayoshi Yamamuro. With experience working to Yamamuro’s designs, it’s unsurprising that he landed himself a regular supervisor role on Dragon Ball Super. Unfortunately, Kitano appears to struggle with not only sticking to the character designs, but producing aesthetically pleasing drawings on the whole.[1]

Episodes Supervised

God of Destruction Beerus Saga
Golden Frieza Saga
Universe 6 Saga
Copy-Vegeta Saga
"Future" Trunks Saga
Universe Survival Saga


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