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You Thought That Was It? (本気だと思ったのか? Honki dato Omottanoka?) is a counter rush attack used by Frieza in his second form.


Before the opponent attacks him, Frieza says "Watch what I can really do!" and dashes across the opponent with a punch to their face. Then, he flies back and elbows the opponent in the face. Finally, he punches them down into the ground, inflicting a high amount of damage.


Frieza uses this attack during his battle attack against Piccolo on Namek. Thanks to his Namekian Fusion with Nail, Piccolo puts up a good fight with Frieza and even deflects his Punishing Blaster back at him in the air. Angry at Piccolo's abilities, Frieza descended on the ground in front of Piccolo, and after having a stare down with the Namekian, Frieza attacked Piccolo with the "You Thought That Was It?" rush, knocking him into the ground. However, Piccolo quickly recovered from the attack and continued the battle with Frieza.

Video Game Appearances[]

In Raging Blast series, the attack was named You Thought That Was It? where it is one of Frieza's Super Attacks in his second form.