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"You Really Are the Greatest, Goku!! The Demise of Majin Buu" (やっぱりさいきょうそんくう!!じんブウしょうめつ Yappari Saikyō Son Gokū!! Majin Bū Shōmetsu, lit. "Son Goku is the Strongest After All!! Majin Boo is Annihilated") is the one hundred fifty seventh episode in Japan and the one hundred sixty-fourth episode internationally of Dragon Ball Z Kai. This episode first aired in Japan on June 14, 2015. Its original American airdate was June 2, 2018.


The Super Spirit Bomb hits Kid Buu, but he catches it and starts redirecting it towards Goku. Goku uses all of the remaining energy he has left trying to push it back into Kid Buu, but he is too powerful. Just as all hope seems lost, Vegeta suddenly remembers that they still have one wish remaining on the Namekian Dragon Balls. He instructs Dende to wish for Goku's power level to be restored to its normal, healthy level. Porunga grants the wish, and upon turning into a Super Saiyan, Goku is easily able to force the Super Spirit Bomb back at Kid Buu. As he does so, he silently wishes that Buu had been a better person, and hopes that he'll be able to fight him someday in the future. The Super Spirit Bomb hits Kid Buu head-on, and he is utterly obliterated with no chance of regenerating. After billions of years of destruction, his madness has finally been put to an end.

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