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Yetti, also known as Yedi (イエディ Iedi), is a gigantic and cannibalistic Arlian who resides in the bottom of the Pit in King Moai's palace.



The concept of keeping Yetti in a pit and feeding victims to him is similar to Jabba the Hutt's Rancor in the Star Wars series.


Yetti's name is derived from the word "Yeti", which is another word for Abominable Snowman. He is referred to as "Yenni" in the closed captioning of Pioneer's DVD featuring the episode.




Yetti emerging from the Pit

The exact reasons for his size and cannibalism are never explained. Possibly, he is the Arlian equivalent of Earth's mythical giant humans, and was born mute and taught to feed on other Arlians by King Moai. Yetti is often used for execution by Moai, such as when a fighter loses a duel in the arena. Yetti is usually kept in the pit for executing losers, and Moai releases him as a last resort.

Dragon Ball Z[]

Saiyan Saga[]

The Arlian warrior Greger is eaten by Yetti after losing a duel to Lesoy. When Vegeta and Nappa are on Arlia and kill all Moai's guards, King Moai sends Yetti after them. Yetti fires Eye Lasers and causes massive damage to Moai's throneroom, and he shows enough strength to grapple with Nappa for a few moments. He is easily killed by Nappa once the latter starts to get serious: Nappa pulls Yetti's finger off and destroys him with a Murder Grenade.



Yetti with one finger missing

Yetti was the strongest Arlian on the entire planet, as even Moai's champions fear him. Moai had great confidence in Yetti's immense strength, and thought Nappa was foolish to grapple against the great Arlian, a mistake which horrified Moai when he was faced with reality. Even though he was killed by Nappa, he did show enough strength to grapple with him for a few seconds using only one arm, and it took all of Nappa's strength with both his arms to win the struggle. Once Nappa calmed down and reached full power, though, Yetti stood no chance against him.


  • Eye Laser – Thin beams shot from both eyes. Yetti's version was strong enough to cause massive damage to Moai's throne room.

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