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The Yemma tree,[1] also called King Yemma's tree or Ensenji tree, is a type of sacred tree which grows the legendary Ensenji, a fruit that grants the eater various mystical benefits. The tree only grows in Hell; one exists near the Bloody Pond in Area 1, Sector 3 and multiple trees exist in Yemma Forest. It debuts in the Dragon Ball Z episode "Global Training".

Concept and Creation

The Peaches of Immortality growing on the Peach Tree

The Yemma tree is based on the peach tree which grows the Peaches of Immortality in the Chinese epic Journey to the West. In Chinese Mythology, the peach tree exists in the Heavenly Peach Garden. Once every thousand years the tree grew years, and after another three thousand years the Peaches of Immortality would ripen. In Journey to the West, the Handsome Monkey King, Sun Wukong (who Goku is loosely based on), is appointed to guard the Heavenly Peach Garden and the Peach tree. He realizes the power of the Peaches and steals and eats one, granting him great power and over a thousand years of life, similar to the powers of the Ensenji.


Goz and Mez guarding the tree

The Yemma tree in Area 1, Sector 3 is guarded by the two ogres Goz and Mez under order of King Yemma, the only being who eats the fruit. After falling off of Snake Way, Goku sees the tree and attempts to pick and eat one of the fruit but is stopped by the tree's guards. After agreeing to catch Mez in exchange for an exit out of Hell, Goku tricks the ogre by running towards the mystical tree. Mez attempts to stop him, and Goku uses the opportunity to catch Mez, thus guaranteeing Goku passage out of Hell.

Video Game Appearances

The Yemma tree in Area 1, Sector 3 in Attack of the Saiyans

The Yemma tree in Area 1, Sector 3, appears in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku the same way it does in the anime.

Orange and Green Yemma Trees

In Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, the Yemma tree's first appearance follows the anime, with Goku landing in Hell and using the tree as bait to lure Mez. The second appearance occurs after Goku catches Bubbles. Goku is requested by King Kai to stop Raditz from creating havoc in Yemma Forest, the origin of the Yemma trees. Unlike the Yemma tree seen in Area 1, Sector 3 which has green leaves, the Yemma trees in the forest have leaves of either green or burnt orange. After traveling to the forest, Goku, Bubbles and Gregory find Raditz destroying Yemma trees and stop him. Later, Goku, Bubbles and Gregory return to Yemma Forest in an effort to restore all of the destroyed Yemma trees.


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