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Yemma Forest

The portion of the Yemma Forest where the portal to King Kai's planet is located

Yemma Forest is an area located in Hell that only appears in the video game, Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.


This location is the origin of the Yemma trees which grow his magical fruit, Ensenji, like the one shown in Area 1, Sector 3 in Hell in Dragon Ball Z. Like the rest of Hell, Yemma Forest is a largely mountainous area. However, it is also much less civilized and is comprised of large amounts of trees and vegetation, such as King Yemma's mystical trees. A portal to King Kai's Planet also exists in the area.


Raditz destroying one the Yemma trees

In Attack of the Saiyans, King Kai requests Goku to enter Yemma Forest in order to stop Raditz from creating havoc. Raditz had been smashing Yemma trees, and was attempting to steal and eat one of the Ensenji when Goku arrived in the area, claiming that with the power he would surpass King Yemma himself. He was stopped by Goku, Bubbles and Gregory.

Later in the game, King Kai asks Goku to bring him back the Spirit Crystal kept by Montgomery in the forest. To open the path to the Sprites' tree where Montgomery lives, Goku has to revive the five Yemma trees that were destroyed by Raditz with the use of Bubbles' thing, a special nutrient prepared by Bubbles and King Kai. Once in Montgomery's place, he fights and defeats Raditz once again.

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