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"Yamcha and Vegeta's EX Fusion form. Vegeta wasn't too happy about this, but they work surprisingly well together as a confident, mature warrior."
Dragon Ball Fusions profile description

Yamta (ヤムータ Yamūta) is the EX-Fusion of Yamcha and Vegeta.


Yamta retains Vegeta's face with Yamcha's signature battle scars. His hair is a simple combination of Yamcha's long, wild hair and Vegeta's upward spiky hair, along with Vegeta's widow's peak. He retains Yamcha's Turtle School uniform, but he also gains a short-sleeve blue undershirt that resembles Vegeta's training suit. Yamta wears long-sleeved wrist cloths, and the signature Metamo-Ring all EX-Fusions wear to keep themselves fused. Yamta also has a tail, as this version is a fusion of Yamcha and Vegeta Saga Vegeta.


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