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"Yamcha vs. Shen" (ヤムチャ対シェン Yamucha Tai Shen, lit. "Yamcha vs Shen") is the one hundred seventy-fourth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter features Yamcha and Shen. Both are posed in fighting positions, Yamcha in the foreground and Shen in the background.


Match number four begins, as Shen and Yamcha enter the ring! Immediately, Yamcha underestimates his opponent, Shen (Kami). Shen is underestimated due to his not intimidating, and very average look. When the match begins, Yamcha offers to let Shen make the first move, do his his overconfidence. Shen throws a punch, but it is far off, and greatly misses. However, the punch caused him to fall, and on his way down from falling he manages to kick Yamcha's ribs. This pains Yamcha, and also embarrasses him greatly. A very embarrassed Yamcha then decides he would like to end this battle as soon as possible. Yamcha charges at Shen, who then ducks out of fear. Yamcha misses, and jumps over Shen, due to his duck. When Shen stands up Yamcha is right above him, resulting in Shen headbutting Yamcha's crotch. This sends the fans of the Tournament into a wild laughter, as Yamcha is once again horribly embarrassed by Shen. Yamcha is extremely furious. Yamcha then tells Shen that that did not hurt, and that he has trained every inch of his body. Shen is relieved, he feels confident he will win the match, and did not want things to end like that. After now knowing both fighters are extremely confident in their abilities to win the match, they decide to serious up. For themselves, and for the fans watching. Shen then states he will take the next move, and the bolts at Yamcha, delivering a painful elbow to the face. This impact sends Yamcha flying and knocks him straight on his back. Yamcha then decides to step his game up and attack Shen. This easily shows Shen with the advantage, blocking every punch and kick as if it were no problem, showing Yamcha his weak points, and giving him lessons as they fight each other. Everyone is beginning to wonder, just who is this Shen guy?




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