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"Yamcha's Struggle! The Terrible Saibamen!" (ヤムチャふんとう! おそるべしサイバイマン Yamucha Funtō! Osoru Beshi Saibaiman, lit. "Yamucha's Hard Struggle! The Terrifying Saibaimen") is the ninth overall episode in the Dragon Ball Z Kai series. This episode first aired in Japan on May 31, 2009. Its original American airdate was June 1, 2010.



Yamcha's last moments before exploding with the Saibaman

Vegeta and Nappa emerge from their space pods and Nappa wipes out East City with a single devastating blast. They then fly off towards the island where Piccolo and Gohan are in search of the Dragon Balls. Krillin arrives first, and the three face off with Vegeta and Nappa. Piccolo learns for the first time that he is a Namekian when told by Nappa. At Vegeta's order, Nappa plants seeds in the ground, and six Saibamen are born. Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, and then Yamcha fly in to join in the battle. Vegeta suggests they have a "game" of one-on-one. Tien faces-off first against a Saibaman. Tien overpowers the Saibaman but before he is able to finish it off, Vegeta destroys it as incentive to the remaining five. Next, Yamcha decides to fight in place of Krillin, but the Saibaman latches onto him and self-destructs, killing Yamcha outright.

4Kids edits[]

  • When Vegeta sees Tien has the upper hand in this battle, he destroys the Saibaman as a warning to the others to go all out from the start. The Saibaman blowing up and having its guts spewed on the ground are cut out.
  • When Yamcha's dead body is shown, the Saibamen's claw is edited out.
  • After Yamcha gets blown up by the Saibaman, he is heard groaning in pain. This is done to avoid any references to death.


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