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Yahhoy (ヤッホイ Yahhoi) is a city located just outside of the Fukurou Forest. It was first mentioned in the Dragon Ball manga, but it only appears in Dragon Ball anime.


Yahhoy Seaside

The Yahhoy region is positioned exactly on the opposite side of the Earth from Papaya Island. After Goku saved Konkichi in the forest, Goku and Konkichi come to Yahhoy to go to the airport and fly to Papaya Island, but they ended up having to make money at the carnival to get tickets. While here, Goku meets Fortuneteller Baba and Ghost Usher who are on vacation. Konkichi has to rob the bank here because he is mugged and forced to do it. Since Goku missed his flight, he has to swim all the way to Papaya Island.

Video Game Appearances

Yahhoy appears in Dragon Ball Online, however, it is presented as a region as opposed to a town. It is separated into two sections, Yahhoy West and Yahhoy East. Yahhoy being represented as a region instead of a town is likely due to the fact that the developers of Dragon Ball Online only had the rights to use concepts appearing in the Dragon Ball manga, which would potentially bar the town itself from appearing, as well as the fact that Yahhoy was never explicitly mentioned to be a town in the manga.

In the game, the Yahhoy region is home to various towns and landmarks, including Kokkara Village, the game's starting area for humans, as well as several ancient ruins, including Yahhoy Fortress and Yahhoy Tomb.

In the game's backstory, Yahhoy is mentioned as having been the last remaining independent state on Earth before becoming part of the world governing body in Age 250.


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