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Yacchaina Fist (ヤッチャイナー拳 Yacchainā-ken) is a Rush Attack and fighting style used by Roasie which increases in strength the longer it is used.


The ki blasts created from the Yacchaina Fist.

The user punches at the opponent with a rush of regular punches. The more punches the user lands, the faster it gets until eventually they become so fast that it creates friction and heat enough to create ki blasts. These ki blasts can be manipulated flexibly to be gentle or intense.[2]


Su used this attack in the Tournament of Power in her Roasie form against base Goku. This attack was enough to push Goku back and even harm him with one of the ki blasts. As she pushes back Goku with the Yacchaina Fist, with much more effort due to Kakunsa being knocked out of the ring, she begins to manipulate the ki blasts similarly to the Hellzone Grenade. However, these were to no effect as Android 17 used his Android Barrier to block them all. Goku soon continues the fight, and was able to overcome the fighting style due to studying its weak points.

Emulating Rozie, Zeno and Future Zeno utilize the attack on each other when playing.



  • Yacchainā is a pun to both yacchaina (meaning "do it") in Japanese and "China".



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