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Xeno Pan (パン:ゼノ Pan: Xeno) is an incarnation of Pan from a world separate to the main timeline who is a member of the Time Patrol.


Xeno Pan has a light skin color and sports a short black hairstyle similar to Videl's that reached down to her shoulders with a flat bang front over her forehead. She wears a orange bandana around her forehead along with a red jacket with yellow trim and a black top that shows off her midriff, dark grey fingerless gloves, sage green short with pale lower fur trims, brown big side pockets, taupe and brown thigh-length sock and dark grey boots.



During the Shadow Dragon Saga of Dragon Ball GT time was altered by the Dark Empire and Pan and the other members of the Dragon Team were brought under their control.

Dragon Ball Heroes

Dark King Mechikabura Saga

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Descent of the Demon Gods

After being knocked out, Pan is accidentally teleported by Chamel when he teleports the Time Patrol and Demon Realm's vanished sect to Demigra's hideout, she wakes up wondering where she is - to the shock of Xeno Gohan.


Video Game

In the game opening, Xeno Pan was shown to hurt Salsa when kicking him while he was off guard.


Sdbh Universe mission 9 Xeno Pan Akanbe Taunt

Xeno Pan taunting Salsa

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