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"Paragus: It looks as though he's managed to transform somehow, taking on the incredible strength the Saiyans have whenever they become Great Apes. Only he's remaining in his human form, retaining his speed and agility.
Frieza: And is there a downside?
Paragus: Maybe, a big one. ...He can't control it, he's lost all sense of who and what he is.
Paragus explaining the Wrath State to Frieza in Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Wrath State (怒りの状態 Ikari no Jōtai)[1] is an enraged state used by Broly.


This state allows the user to access the powers of the Great Ape but without the transformation itself.



Broly enters the Wrath State

The Wrath State has two stages, in the initial stage Broly appears the same as in his base form but with yellow eyes and gains a green aura with sparks.

In the second stage, his hair spikes up like a Super Saiyan and he gains increased muscle mass and height.

Usage and Power

According to Paragus, it is a utilization of the Great Ape form's power, physical strength, and durability in humanoid form. Although, it is extremely difficult to control. This means that the combatant's power is multiplied by a factor of ten but without losing any agility or manueverability due to the large size of the Great Ape form. A drawback of this state is that using this form also hurts the user due to the constant eruption of their power, with the growls Broly lets forth in this form being due to pain rather than fighting spirit.[2]

Initially Broly in this form demonstrated as much power as Super Saiyan God Vegeta.[2] His power eventually reached the point where Goku needs Super Saiyan Blue to overwhelm him.

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Broly first shows signs of this state against Daigen, with his eyes briefly flashing yellow when strangling the combatant. When increasing his power while fighting Super Saiyan Vegeta, Broly's eyes briefly turn yellow once more.


Wrathful Broly vs. Super Saiyan Blue Goku

Broly utilizes the initial stage of this form against Super Saiyan God Vegeta after losing to him the first round of their fight. In this state, Broly is able to quickly overwhelm Vegeta in their rematch before Goku steps in. In his subsequent battle with Goku, Broly takes on the full version of the form and despite his inferior fighting skill, he was able to easily keep up with, and eventually, force Goku to transform to Super Saiyan and moments later Super Saiyan God. He proceeds to easily overpower Super Saiyan God Goku to the point of him having to turn Super Saiyan Blue. Even though Goku is using Super Saiyan Blue, Broly proceeds to be somewhat of a challenge to him, although Broly's eventually overpowered.

Variations and advanced levels

Video Game Appearances

In Dokkan Battle, it was named Wrathful.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Wrath State appears as the default form for Broly (DBS).


  • Goku's hidden potential is released
  • Goku finishes off King Piccolo
  • Goku tapping into Oozaru's power
  • Shallot powers up in anger
  • There have been several other occurrences of Saiyans seemingly using the power of Great Ape without changing forms:
    • In the end of the King Piccolo Saga, Goku appeared to gain the power of the Great Ape in his base form - with an image of the Great Ape appearing after his potential was unlocked and when he finished off King Piccolo.
    • In Dragonball Evolution, Goku taps into the power of Oozaru while retaining his base form, during his final battle against Lord Piccolo. He is briefly shown with red eyes, and he roars in the same vein as an Oozaru, but remains in control after doing so.
    • When facing Raditz in Dragon Ball Legends, Shallot appeared to summon the power of Great Ape in base form as his eyes turned red and the image of a Great Ape's face appeared in his aura.
  • The Wrath State shares some traits with Super Saiyan 4 introduced in Dragon Ball GT, both transformations utilize the power and strength of a Great Ape without taking on the giant monkey form. However, while users of Super Saiyan 4 are conscious of their actions, those in the Wrath State such as Broly become feral and uncontrollable.
  • The golden eyes and power restraint aspect of the Wrath State also bears great resemblance to the appearance of Sun Wukong, whose eyes were a fierce yellow color after an attempt to distill him into an elixir failed.



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