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"World Domination" (かいせいふく Sekai Seifuku) is the one hundred forty-ninth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows a grinning King Piccolo in the background, while Goku, Tien Shinhan, and Yajirobe are in the foreground. Goku is leaping forward to attack, preparing to use his Power Pole, Tien is in a fighting pose, and Yajirobe is eating casually. This cover art is also featured in Daizenshuu 1.


With Goku hanging onto Yajirobe's back, Bora throws the pair upwards to give them a head start on their trip up Korin Tower. When Yajirobe finally grabs on, he is surprised that he can't yet see the tower's top. Meanwhile, King Piccolo and Piano have arrived at King Castle in Central City. Piccolo quickly kills the two guards outside the main gate, using Eye Lasers to dispatch the second. He breaks down the metal gate and takes out another wave of guards as he heads for the compound's central building.

King Piccolo finds the King of Earth

Meanwhile, Goku and Yajirobe are still climbing Korin Tower. Yajirobe complains that they can't see the top yet, but admits that it would be too scary to go back down. Piccolo dispenses of another wave of guards inside the castle compound's central building. He then comes face to face with the Strong King's Guard. Piccolo sarcastically offers to let him join his side, which angers the guard. He attacks Piccolo, but his punch is easily blocked. Piccolo hits him in the face, then demands to know the location of King Furry. The guard refuses to tell, so Piccolo kills him with a strike through the chest.

A nearby guard, seeing his comrade's fate, attempts to run. Piccolo gets in front of him and asks for King Furry's location. The guard nervously tells Piccolo that the king is in the western tower, and Piano spots the king's hovercar leaving. Piccolo leaps into the air, landing on the hovercar and startling the king, the Captain of the Guard, and the pilot. On Korin Tower, Yajirobe can finally see the top, but is upset when he discovers that Goku has fallen asleep.







  • This chapter is in color, but only the title page has the full color palette. The rest of the chapter has a black-gray-red-brown-beige palette.

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