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"World Core" is not this article's official English name, it is used as there is currently no official translation.

World Core (界芯星 Kaishin-sei, lit. "Planet World-Core") is the original home planet of all Core People.

The planet is a "large version of a Kai Planet" (a larger version of King Kai's Planet). The population of World Core is roughly 80.


On World Core, there are gigantic trees called the Kaiju. These trees sprout beings called Core People from magical fruits. These Core People can possibly take the role of a Kai if incredibly lucky or if born from special golden fruit, in which case they then become Supreme Kai. The evil Core People born on World Core are cast into the Demon Realm located at the very tip of the universe, which is ruled by Demon Realm Supreme Kai, to be kept separate from civilization, and they live with the King of the Demon Realm.[1]

Known Residence

Note: Most Core People shown in the series were Kais at the time of their appearance, thus all left their homeworld ages ago.

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