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A Wonder Majin

Wonder Majin (異魔人 Imajin) is one of two starting careers currently available to the Majin race (the other one being Mighty Majin) in Dragon Ball Online.


Female Wonder

Wonder Class Majins

As a spiritual class, Wonder Majin may learn powerful spiritual attacks and effect-causing debuffs. Techniques such as Calamity Blaster, the stronger Super Calamity Blaster variation, Human Extinction Attack, Galactic Donut, and Buu's "Imitation" Kamehameha are exclusive to their skill tree. Skills that were not present in the original manga and are exclusive to Dragon Ball Online include Double Whammy Ball, Continuous Homing-Shot, Poisonous Dark Beam, and Stony Dark Beam. Other notable Wonder Majin skill is Serene Focus (a self-buff which restores a sum of life points every few seconds for a total of set duration (depending on the level), similar to the Buu's regeneration ability) and Play Dead (allows the Majin to play dead for a short period of time).

Once reaching the required level, a Wonder Majin may choose to take one of two secondary careers: Karma Majin or Plasma Majin. Karma Majins have magical masks, while Plasma Majins use magical laser drums.

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