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Wolf People[1] are wolf-like humanoids that exist in Universe 9 and Universe 7.[2]


The Trio of Danger - three of Universe 9's most powerful warriors who participated in the Tournament of Power - are Wolf People. Some Wolf People seem to have developed special abilities. Bergamo, a Wolf Person, has the ability to absorb damage dealt to himself, and turn it into power of his own. The middle brother of the Trio of Danger, Lavender, has the ability to naturally expel poison from his body, inflicting it onto his opponents. The Trio of Danger also has ki that is completely undetectable. The youngest brother of the Trio of Danger, Basil, becomes much more powerful, and muscular after consuming a type of drug fruit.

Known Members

Video Game Appearances

Wolf People appear as enemies in the Halloween mission of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. They are re-skinned versions of Bergamo.



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