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"Yamcha and Tien's fusion. Slimmer than either of them, he excels at the Wolf Fang Volleyball Attack, a combination of their signature moves."
— Tiencha's Dragon Ball Fusions profile description

Wolf Fang Volleyball Fist (狼牙排球拳 Rōga-Haikyū-Ken) is the Ultimate Blast of Tiencha. It is the combination of Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist and Tien's Volleyball Attack.



Tiencha strikes using Wolf Fang Fist, ending the attack

Tiencha knocks an enemy in the air with a powerful kick, and strikes them with an uppercut punch, before landing on the ground and yelling the name of the attack with a stylish pose. Tiencha then follows up with Tien's Volleyball Fist: a sliding punch and a headbutt, keeping the foe in the air like a volleyball, before spinning through the air to spike them to the ground with the force of the final strike of Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist.


  • Though the technique does not appear it is mentioned in Tiencha's profile description in Dragon Ball Fusions.
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