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Wolf Fang Pitching Fist Ball is a new type of baseball pitching technique and variation of both the Wolf Fang Fist and Spirit Ball created by Yamcha that appears in Dragon Ball Super.


As a baseball player, Yamcha adapted his martial arts skills and trained to play baseball, allowing him to develop this new type of pitching technique. Basically, it is a pitch with the speed of the Wolf Fang Fist and the control ability of the Spirit Ball, creating an extremely effective pitching technique for striking out an opposing team's batters (even people who normally out-class Yamcha in an actual fight).


This technique is used by Yamcha during the baseball match between Team Universe 6 and Team Universe 7, allowing him to effortlessly strike out Botamo and Cabba, and striking out Universe 6 for the 1st half of the 1st set.

Yamcha considers the Wolf Fang Pitching Fist Ball to be his greatest technique.


  • This techniques development mirrors Jeice's development of the Crusher Ball which was a fighting technique Jeice developed during his days as a pitcher for the Galactic Little League. Though both techniques were developed by pitchers they differ in that the Wolf Fang Pitching Fist is pitching technique derived from Yamcha's knowledge of martial arts, while Crusher Ball is a fighting technique derived from Jeice's time as a pitcher.


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