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"With Allies Like These..." (ベジータの複雑な心 Bejīta no Fukuzatsu na Kokoro, lit. "Vegeta's Complex Mind") is the eighty eighth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred eighty-second overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Bulma eating a packed lunch at the location she was left on Namek, all-the-while griping about her situation.


Burter defeated

The chapter opens with Jeice yelling to Burter that Goku is behind him. Burter, still believing he is the universe's fastest being, can not believe that Goku got behind him unnoticed. Goku says that Burter must be number two in speed. Burter asks who Goku is, and Goku informs him that he is a Saiyan raised on Earth. Burter asks how he is so fast, as Saiyans are not. Goku figures that it must be due to his difficult training. Burter says that Goku can not keep it up forever, and proceeds to unleash a flurry of punches and kicks. However, Goku easily dodges them all.

Vegeta brutally executes Burter

Enraged at Burter's lack of success, Jeice jumps into the fray, but both he and Burter together cannot hit Goku. Deciding to show them something more than speed, Goku sends Burter flying with a kick. He then follows up by smashing Burter towards the ground, then quickly gets underneath him so that Burter lands on his raised arm. Gohan, Krillin, and Jeice are stunned, while Vegeta yells for Goku to finish Burter. Goku tells Jeice that his friends are still alive, and that they can leave with their lives still intact if they stop. Jeice, frightened by Burter's demise, flees the scene. Gohan, Krillin, and Goku are all shocked by this.

Vegeta finishes Recoome

Vegeta, however, takes the opportunity of the sudden lull to finish off Burter with a fierce knee to the neck, and then annihilate Recoome with a Ki Blast. Goku is upset, telling Vegeta that Burter was powerless. Vegeta is disgusted, and tells Goku that he will never become a Super Saiyan with that attitude. Goku is confused by this, but Vegeta continues by saying that Frieza will never be defeated with such a naive viewpoint. The chapter ends with Frieza speeding in his hoverchair towards Guru's house.





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