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Wild Sense (ワイルドセンス Wairudo Sensu) is a variation of the Afterimage Technique that allows the user to counterattack right after dodging the opponent's attack.


The user dodges an attack by moving swiftly and counter-attacks the opponent with a punch or a kick sending them down to the ground or into the air. The character can also dodge energy waves and rush attacks like the Afterimage Technique does. The attack can also be blocked or dodged if timed right.


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Gohan uses Wild Sense

Goku uses Wild Sense during his battle against Captain Ginyu on Namek.[2] Later, he uses the technique to dodge one of Frieza's attacks[3] and, as Super Saiyan, to dodge Frieza's Death Beams during their battle on Namek.[4] Goku uses the technique once again in case Frieza does not fall for Goku's trick of pulling up at the last second and hitting himself with the Death Saucer.

Piccolo uses the move against Android 17 during their battle on the Tropical Islands; he casts out the image and after it fades through 17, the real Piccolo slams 17 away into a rock formation.

Goku uses the technique twice against Cell during the Cell Games; he casts the image and after it fades through Cell, the real Goku punches Cell many times in the stomach and almost rings him out but Cell recovers and continues the fight.

Gohan also uses it many times against Cell as well.

Vegeta uses Wild Sense during his battle against Super 17 in Dragon Ball GT.

Film Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming, Broly uses it while facing Goten and Trunks on Earth, shortly after blasting them with an Eraser Cannon with enough power to force them out of their Super Saiyan forms and exhaust them, appearing in front of Goten and Trunks before using the Bloody Smash and smashing them on concrete.

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the God of Destruction Beerus uses his version to attack Android 18 during his battle against the Dragon Team on Earth.

Video Game Appearances

In the Budokai series, Teleport Counters can be used before any attack connects: a character can teleport behind the attacking character and counter-attack at the cost of 3 ki bars. The technique was named Wild Sense in the Budokai Tenkaichi series and Raging Blast series, where it is a Blast 1 technique. The attack is called Super Afterimage in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. In J-Stars Victory Vs, this technique is called Burning Counter.



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