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Wide-Thigh Aerobics[1] is a Television program on Earth that airs on ZZTV[2] which features aerobics women working out and shows different women each time its on. It is Master Roshi's favorite television program which he watches whenever he is able to. He claims watching them could unlock the key to creating a new technique, when in reality he just wants to watch it for the pleasure of seeing beautiful women work out.


Dragon Ball

This program first appeared in chapter 24 "The High Price of Education" of the manga and episode 14, "Goku's Rival" in the anime. In one instance in the episode "Find that Stone!", Arale Norimaki can be seen on the TV instead of the woman but when the screen shifted back to Roshi regular woman are seen again. In one episode Roshi is seen listening to workout tapes on a cassette player rather than watching it on TV.

Dragon Ball Z

In the episode "The Doomsday Broadcast", the program was briefly interrupted when Cell bursts through the floor right underneath an aerobics woman, causing her to get into a screaming fit as well as alerting the Z Fighters to Cell's presence on TV. In "The Evil of Men" Wide-Thigh Aerobics is seen being watched by Old Kai while he was unlocking Gohan's abilities.



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