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"Who Will Defeat Majin Buu? The Mightiest of Men Moves Out!" (じんたおすのはだれだ?さいきょうおとこどう!! Majin o Taosu no wa Dareda? Saikyō no Otoko Shidō!!, lit. "Who Will Defeat the Majin? The Strongest Man Makes His Move!!") is the one hundred thirty second episode in Japan and the one hundred thirty-ninth episode internationally of Dragon Ball Z Kai. This episode first aired in Japan on November 30, 2014. Its original American airdate was November 11, 2017.


Gotenks arrives to fight against Majin Buu. Despite showing a great amount of strength, Gotenks is overwhelmed by Majin Buu's power. Gotenks barely manages to escape from Majin Buu after he launches an all-out attack against the armed forces. Meanwhile, Mr. Satan reluctantly confronts Majin Buu, who becomes amused with his traps disguised as presents. Majin Buu decides to make Mr. Satan his servant.

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