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"Who's That Girl?" (ふしぎおんな Fushigi na Onna no Ko, lit. "The Peculiar Girl") is the twenty-sixth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Launch, the newest addition to this ensemble, on a motorcycle. In the far background, Goku is riding the Flying Nimbus.


Launch being chased by the policemen

The chapter opens with Goku and Krillin riding the Flying Nimbus in search of an attractive woman. As they fly, Goku spots a "woman" he believes Master Roshi would like (unbeknownst that it is a man), which Krillin promptly scolds him over. They then begin a discussion about telling the difference between males and females.

Meanwhile, a young, blonde-haired woman is being chased after by policemen. To get them off her tail, she throws a grenade at them; she manages to stop one of them, but the other is still on the prowl. She then goes up a cliff, where she loses the policeman in the rock formations. However, they track her down and attempt to take her into custody. Just as she is about to fire her shotgun at them, one of her hairs brush her nose and she sneezes, causing her to change into a blue-haired gal.

Back with Goku and Krillin, they are discussing if there is a girl in the cliffs they are flying over.

At the scene of the police chase, the police are about to take her into custody, but the woman (who they refer to as Launch) has no recollection of the events that transpired moments ago. Frightened, the woman screams in horror, a scream that can be heard by Goku and Krillin who are directly above her. The boys contemplate whether helping her is safe or not, but Goku does not care; he jumps right in and gives the policemen a wallop. After defeating the officers, the boys decide to take Launch with them to Roshi's, believing he will be satisfied with this gal.




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