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"Whisker Power" (くうもドッカン!!おヒゲパワーぜんかい Gokū mo Dokkan!! Ohige Pawā Zenkai, lit. "Even Goku Gets Hit!! Full-Force Whisker Power") is the eighth episode of the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga and the eighth overall episode of Dragon Ball GT. This episode first aired in Japan on April 17, 1996. Its original American airdate was March 19, 2005.



Doma and Leena

Not bowing to the demands of the wicked Zoonama, Trunks reluctantly poses as Zoonama's "bride" in an attempt to sneak deep into the monster's lair under a volcano and free the people of the village forever. Trunks' wig falls off, and Zoonama still is interested in Trunks, thinking he is a short haired girl. Trunks then manages to drug Zoonama with spiked food at the "Wedding Banquet" the beast has arranged for them. Zoonama passes out and Doma cuts one of his whiskers off. Zoonama comes to and threatens to cause an earthquake. The troupe soon realizes Zoonama cannot cause quakes, only predict them.


The mysterious stranger stealing the Dragon Ball

Then, all of a sudden, a real explosion occurs, and Goku uses a Kamehameha to propel them out of the tunnel. He then uses another Kamehameha to destroy the volcano and abrupt the explosion. The Gelboians give them the Black Six-Star Dragon Ball, but out of nowhere, a mysterious stranger disguised as a villager takes the ball and turns into some other species. He then takes the ball and disappears in his spaceship.

Major Events[]

  • Goku, Trunks and Pan put an end to Zoonama's deceiving ways.
  • The Six-Star Black Star Dragon Ball is stolen by Bon Para.






  • In this episode, Goku destroys a mountain much like Master Roshi did when first showing the Kamehameha in Dragon Ball.
  • Doma's line while observing Trunks deceiving Zoonama differs between languages. In English, he praises Trunks for catching himself before Zoonama could detect anything, while in Japanese, he lambasts Trunks for portraying Leine as "undignified". Trunks referred to himself as "Leine-chan"; girls in Japan sometimes add the "chan" suffix to the end of their names as to help appeal to the opposite sex.
  • This episode is based on another Japanese myth, the one about Yamata-no-Orochi: the eight-headed monster snake Yamata-no-Orochi ate 7 of the eight daughters of an old couple. The last one, Kushinada, was to be the next sacrifice. The god Susanowo made Orochi drink Sake that was strong enough to make the snake drunk and then slayed Orochi.
  • Despite the fact that Pan is embarassed to see little Goku naked, she still goes swimming with him.


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