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A whip ( muchi) is a tool used by Earthlings to exert control over animals or other people, through pain compliance or fear of pain, although in some activities whips can be used without use of pain, such as an additional pressure aid in dressage.


Captain Dark bandishing his whip

It is a weapon used by Captain Dark to fight Master Roshi in Dragon Ball.

The Bio-Warrior Kishime uses Electric Whips as his special weapons in Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest. In Dragon Ball Z, Mr. Shu uses it to get his students like Gohan to do what he wants. He sometimes whips his students with the whip so hard they bleed. Mr. Musuka uses it to exert control over animals in his circus.

The Pride Trooper Vewon can also create a whip made of ki to restrain enemies which he utilized against Legendary Super Saiyan Kale in a futile attempt to restrain her during the Tournament of Power.

In Dragon Ball GT, the Luud Cult priest Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy uses a whip which is in fact a Machine Mutant called Mutchy who takes the form of a whip as a disguise as he is secretly the true leader of the Luud Cult. In his true form, Mutchy has whip arms called Demon's Whips which can absorb energy, cause inanimate objects to come to life, and can be electrified to shock enemies via their Plasma Whip function.


Justice Whip being used to restrain Kale

  • Electric Whip - Electrified whips used by Kishime.
  • Justice Whip - A whip of ki used by the Pride Trooper Vewon to restrain opponents.
  • Whip Form - The Machine Mutant ability of Mutchy to transform himself into a whip.
  • Demon 's Whips - Whip-like arms used by Mutchy.
    • Plasma Whip - A variation of Electric Whip utilized by Mutchy as one of the many functions of his whip arms.


  • Both Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy and Mutchy's names are a pun based on the Japanese words for "whip" (鞭, muchi) which is based upon their association with the weapon.


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