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The West City Mayor is the beloved mayor of West City. He appears in the video game Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II.


He is an anthropomorphic dog who has served four terms as the mayor of West City. He is also a major advocate of dog's right.

In Age 764, the mayor held the Hercule Day Parade in honor of Mr. Satan who supposedly defeated the Warlord. The mayor asks Piccolo, who was in the City Hall at this time, to defeat King Triceratops in the Triceratops Jungle.

Later, during the ceremony, the key to the city that is to be presented to Mr. Satan is stolen from his hands by an old man named Robert. The mayor asks Gohan and Piccolo to retrieve it. When they do, Gohan and Piccolo learn that the old man is the one who defeated the Warlord, not Mr. Satan. Gohan and Piccolo try to tell it to the mayor, but they are interrupted by Mr. Satan who says he has to be on an airplane back to Orange Star City in 15 minutes.

In Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, a policeman mentions that ever since the incident with the Warlord, the mayor has stepped up the police presence on the streets of West City and that the streets are much safer now.


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