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The West Bakery is a shop visited by Majin Buu and Babidi in the Dragon Ball Z episode "Global Announcement".


Buu entered the bakery by smashing through the door, also destroying the walls. He then ate all of the display and newly-made cakes, alerting the local Police Department to be called to the scene. One woman threatened Babidi to pay for Buu, but Babidi simply transported her to a building where she hung off of it, unable to get down.

When the Police later arrived, Babidi told Buu that the "blue people" did not want him to eat the cakes. This made Buu angry due to his childish mind, making him attack the police officers that were attempting to shoot and arrest him.


  • Due to its name, it is possible that the West Bakery is located in West City, but this is never stated during the series.

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