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Weaver is a character in the 2009 film Dragonball Evolution, who is portrayed by Luis Arrieta. Weaver is an original character created by director James Wong and screenwriter Ben Ramsey for Dragonball Evolution.


Weaver is a classmate and a friend of Goku.

Actor's insight[]

  • "Well, like any other casting, I went to the audition and spent several weeks until I knew that I had been casted. I do not know how difficult it was for the director and production chosen and then as an actor you never fully know, which is that if it were so many actors to casting."[1]
  • "The truth is that I was not a fan, although I knew about the series, so obviously when I learned that I had been casted, I began to investigate anything that could be Dragon Ball."[1]
  • "I filmed only in Mexico City I had several days of design and image apparel. All of my scenes were filmed in one day."[1]


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