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Wave Machine[2] is a device invented by Dr. Gero that produces waves that can suppress the power and ki manipulation abilities of powerful mortal fighters that plays a key role in the Super Warrior Arc, Enemy Warrior Arc, and Android 21 Arc in Dragon Ball FighterZ.



At some point before Dr. Gero's death in Age 767, he developed a device that could produce waves capable of suppressing the power and ki manipulation abilities of powerful fighters. However he apparently decided against utilizing it against Goku and the Dragon Team or was incomplete at the time. However years later, Android 21 activated the Wave Machine in order to weaken the Dragon Team, aiming to make them too weak to oppose her and the Clones which she unleashed to rampage all over Earth.

Super Warrior Arc

In the Super Warrior Arc, Goku, Adult Gohan, Goten, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha are all strong enough to be effected by the waves causing most to fall unconscious though some like Piccolo and Yamcha maintained consciousness though were left immobilized. It is unclear if Good Buu fell asleep due to the waves or as a result of his tendency to fall into a hibernation like sleep. However fortunately, Bulma finds Goku outside Capsule Corporation and he eventually wakes up. However he has no memory of her or who he is, reacting surprised at his reflection. Bulma fears Goku is suffering from amnesia and explains the situation to him before the New Model Android 16 appears before them. Android 16 tells Bulma he is not the original and is determined to take Goku with him even to the point of using Force if necessary. However Goku goes Super Saiyan and is able to fight off Android 16 who retreats.

Eventually, Beerus and Whis appear due to Bulma having offered a meal hoping they might help resolve the crisis, though Beerus is only interested in the promised meal and refuses to directly intervene. However he and Whis reveal that another soul is possessing Goku's body. Additionally they also inform Bulma of the waves which unbeknownst to them are being produced by the Wave Machine created by the Dragon Team's old enemy Dr. Gero. Bulma is unaffected due to her low power level. Beerus and Whis can sense the waves but are unaffected due to their divinity as a God of Destruction and Angel respectively. They discover the Soul inhabiting Goku's body allows it to access Goku's power and abilities. After the soul contacts Goku within his body's subconscious, it is decided that they can use Goku's body to combat the Clones and rescue the other members of the Dragon Team effected by the waves. Additionally Bulma works on developing a machine to counter the waves which she installs in her Airplane from the God of Destruction Beerus Saga to act as a mobile base for her, Goku, and the soul possessing him. However her machine leaves Goku unable to use his body to fight forcing him to have the soul fight in his place. Eventually they encounter a clone of Goku and defeat it. After rescuing a unconscious Krillin from some clones, Goku gets the idea to have to soul possess Krillin which is successful thus it can allow Goku and Krillin to fight by taking turns with the soul possessing them to counter the effects of the waves. As the soul possess them they start to regain access to their tire power, though initially soul is unable to utilize Goku's Super Saiyan Blue as the waves apparently effect his ability to utilize godly ki. However as the soul's link with Goku (and Vegeta after he is rescued) they gain full access to Super Saiyan Blue.

However like Bulma, not all members of the Dragon Team are effected by the waves, as Chiaotzu manages to remain conscious and is able to protect the unconscious Tien from the clones long enough for the Dragon Team to come to their rescue showing that fighters with power levels too low to be affected make useful allies for those that are effected. Additionally, though Yamcha is paralyzed, he remains conscious and isn't as badly effected by the waves as the others and he notes that everyone effected by the waves is on a more even playing field thus allowing him to fight alongside the others against Super Saiyan clones and powerful villains like Frieza and Cell who are also effected by the waves which decreases their power.

While coming to the rescue of Android 18, they encounter a female researcher who claims to have been affiliated with a resurgent Red Ribbon Army before realizing their evil plans and escaping with help from Android 18 who had apparently been captured, though Android 18 was injured protecting the researcher from Cell. The researcher claims the army seeks galactic domination and they are responsible for the waves and clones.

Eventually they learn that Android 16 used Dr. Gero's Soul Link System to link a human soul to Goku to oppose Android 21's evil personality. Android 21 who is revealed to be the researcher they met earlier who had made up the story as she was not ready to confront the Dragon Team and Cell who had defeated Android 18 who had been linked with an artificial soul to make her obedient to Android 21 who is implied to have been created to act as the de facto leader of a new incarnation of the Red Ribbon Army utilizing Dr. Gero's technology such as the Wave Machine, Soul Link System, cloning technology, and the ability to construct Androids like the New Model 16 who remains loyal to protect her original personality who Android 21's evil personality was holding hostage deep within her subconscious. After discovering Android 16's treachery, Android 21 cold heartedlily murders him with a Absolute Release Ball before fleeing. After the soul knocked out of Goku's body when he is blasted out of the sky when they attempt to chase after her, it ends up linked with Cell who fights against Android 21 who proves too powerful for Cell who barely escapes using a Solar Flare, before collapsing from his injuries and the soul is able to relink with Goku.

Eventually Goku rescues his sons, Trunks, Piccolo, Vegeta, and the rest of the Dragon Team, including Good Buu who they convince to fight the bad guys. Eventually Android 21 absorbs all the revived villains and turns her attention to the Dragon Team. To avoid damaging the Earth further which has been devastated by the battles against the clones and villains, Goku uses Instant Transmission to teleport himself and his allies to Sacred World of the Kai so they can go all out in battle against Android 21 which Old Kai and Shin allow due to the threat Android 21 poses to the universe. Eventually Goku resorts to using the Super Spirit Bomb to kill Android 21.

Beerus and Whis who had been observing the fight wonder about the unanswered questions concerning Android 21 and Android 16, with Whis asking the human soul to let him know what the find.

Enemy Warrior Arc

The human soul somehow goes back in time and becomes linked to Frieza instead of Goku as Android 16 originally intended. Android 16 explains the situation to the soul and eventually Frieza. Though enraged by what has happened, Frieza manages to form an alliance with the soul in order to investigate and oppose Android 21.

Frieza and the soul discover Android 21 has linked artificial souls to control the other revived villains who rampage alongside the clones. Frieza frees Nappa and the Ginyu Force from the souls controlling them with Nappa swearing loyalty to Frieza due to his fear of the tyrant and sharing his desire to take revenge on the Dragon Team and Vegeta while the Ginyu Force are honored to once again serve him and make up for their past failure on Namek as well as seek revenge on Vegeta and the Dragon Team. Eventually they encounter Cell who has bent the artificial soul linked to himself to his will freeing himself from Android 21's control. Due to their shared animosity towards Android 21, her clones, and Dragon Team, Cell forms an alliance with the revived Frieza Force members though as an equal to Frieza rather than a subordinate.

Eventually Android 21 sends the artificial soul linked Android 18 to deal with Cell and the Earth bound Frieza Force, They however easily defeat the Android but like the previous timeline, it was a trap to force them to fight with the Dragon Team as she pretends Android 18 was injured protecting her allowing her to escape. However they are able to convince the Dragon Team they have been duped. With the help of the soul linked with Frieza who keeps the tyrant in check by refusing to allow him to fight leaving Frieza paralyzed. With little option, Frieza and his allies agree to form a truce with the Dragon Team upon learning of Bulma's machine that nullifies the effect of the waves which Goku and the Dragon Team have been using to allow them to fight as Goku was not linked with the soul in this timeline.

Goku and the allies he's managed to rescue convince the villains to help them rescue their remaining allies as they fight the clones and hunt down Android 21. Eventually Android 21 sends Android 16 to eliminate her enemies. Krillin is reluctant to fight Android 16, while Cell and Frieza have no qualms about destroying him despite his help. Android 16 is defeated and Android 21 reveals she sent him to kill them as punishment for betraying her. As Frieza and Cell prepare to attack Android 21 when she seems to become weakened, Android 16 shields her with his body, becoming severely damaged. However Android 21 cruelly reveals she faked weakness knowing he would shield her before finishing him off herself once again though this time in a far more cruel manner.

After rescuing the remaining Dragon Team members, Frieza realizes Android 21 is using the clones as a food source which also allows her to grow stronger as she absorbs their power. He comes up with a plan to eliminate the Clones forcing Android 21 to turn her attention to them. His plan works and she angrily confronts her enemies in a deranged state due to her hunger.

Eventually the alliance of heroes and villains realize they need more power so they have Bulma to use her machine that counters the waves to enable them to access their power. However it only works on Goku, Frieza, and Cell while their allies become unable to fight, though fortunately the combined power of Goku, Frieza, and Cell is enough to destroy Android 21. With her destruction, Frieza is freed of the human soul and the waves mysteriously stop allowing the heroes and villains to access their power and abilities. However this leads to the end of their alliance, as the Frieza Force and Cell decide to join forces against the Dragon Team, though results of the battle are not shown as the soul once again travels through time to learn more about Android 21.

Android 21 Arc

Unlike like the previous timelines, the activation of the Wave Machine weakens Android 21 to the point her original personality regains control.

Determined to stop her evil half's plans and to keep her from regaining control, she has Android 16 abduct Android 17 and Android 18. They eventually manage to link the human soul this time to Android 18. Android 21 recruits her fellow Androids to help her exterminate the clones which they agree to so they can go back to their current lives and families.

Eventually Krillin finds them and tries to convince Android 18 to return home, but Android 21's evil side resurfaces and attempts to eat Krillin saying Androids don't require things like family. In a desperate attempt to stop her, Android 18 has the human soul link with Android 21 allowing it to help her original personality suppress her evil side and regain control. After returning to the lab, Android 16 explains how 21 was created and the origin of her hunger and evil personality. 17, 18, and the soul resolve to help her knowing she is just another victim of Dr. Gero's evil plans and how much she means to 16 who seeks to protect her original personality which he refers to as her "heart".

However while hunting clones they are confronted by Cell who has bended the artificial soul the evil 21 linked to him. Determined to prove his superiority to Android 21 and his old enemies 16, 17, and 18, he attacks the group. Wanting to protect her fellow Androids whom she sees as friends, 21 has the soul link with her so she can access the power of her true form, taking a blue eyed version of it. Android 21 defeats Cell, however the sight of the defeated Cell triggers her hunger and despite the link, her evil side resurfaces and attempts to consume Cell. However Android 16 attempts to stop her by reminding her of her "heart" but she destroys him once more for opposing her. However Android 21 is able to regain control and she is so horrified by his death (which may have reminded her of the loss of Gebo) that she splits into Android 21 (Good) and Android 21 (Evil). Like Evil Buu Evil 21 inherited most of the original's power and free of her good half, absorbs Cell taking on a more powerful version of her true form that features cells spots and purple skin. Evil 21 leaves with Good 21, 18, and 17 mourning the loss of 16 and resolving to stop Evil 21. Realizing where she is headed, Good 21 and her companions find Evil 21 inside the lab where the remote control to the Wave Machine is stored. Evil 21 explains how the activation of the machine allowed her good half to regain control and to prevent her from shutting the machine down, Evil 21 consumes the remote, despite finding its taste horrible. With the remote inside her, the machine remains active. Fortunately Goku and Krillin come to the rescue of Good 21, 18, and 17. After expressing her desire to eat Goku, she uses Instant Transmission to flee having learned it from watching Goku leave the lab via Instant Transmission to get some Senzu Beans. Goku and Krillin explain they learned everything from the Earth's Guardian Dense and offer to join forces with them to take down the evil 21. As they battle Evil 21's clones, Good 21 grows fond of the Dragon Team who accept her as an ally. However she struggles to keep her hunger in check and fears she may one day lose control. Eventually they defeat the clones and travel to the Sacred World of the Kai for the final battle against Evil 21. To buy Goku time to form the Super Spirit Bomb, Good 21 holds off her evil half. However to ensure she herself doesn't become a threat to her newfound friends, Good 21 decides to sacrifice herself by holding down her counterpart allowing the Spirit Bomb to destroy both of them. With the death of both 21s, the Wave Machine is deactivated presumably a side effect of Evil 21 absorbing the remote. In honor of Good 21, Goku decides to ask King Yemma to reincarnate her soul like how Kid Buu was reincarnated into Uub, while the soul is finally free having discovered the true about 21 and 16.

Video Game Appearances

The Wave Machine first appeared in the story mode of FighterZ. In Dokkan Battle, the Wave Machine appears in the FighterZ crossover Story Event based on the Super Warrior Arc.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Wave Machine (波動発生装置 Wave Generator) is an ability used by enemies in the Age Android 21 Saga: Activation added in Universe Mission 2. The ability prevents the enemy team from using Super Attacks. However like in FighterZ, the Soul Link System is a game mechanic during these missions that can counter the effects of Wave Machine. If the Hero Avatar is on the player's team, they will soul link with either Goku or Frieza which grants them the ability Link with Goku and Link with Frieza which cancels the ability's effect. The effect will also be cancelled if the enemy team loses over 30% of their health.


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