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Wave Machine[2] is a device invented by Dr. Gero that plays a key role in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


It that produces waves that can suppress the power and ki manipulation abilities of powerful mortal fighters.


At some point before Dr. Gero's death in Age 767, he developed a device that could produce waves capable of suppressing the power and ki manipulation abilities of powerful fighters. However, he apparently decided against utilizing it against Goku and the Dragon Team or was incomplete at the time. However, years later, Android 21 activated the Wave Machine in order to weaken the Dragon Team, aiming to make them too weak to oppose her and the Clones which she unleashed to rampage all over Earth.

Video Game Appearances

The Wave Machine first appeared in the story mode of FighterZ.

In Dokkan Battle, the Wave Machine appears in the FighterZ crossover Story Event based on the Super Warrior Arc.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Wave Machine (波動発生装置 Wave Generator) is an ability used by enemies in the Age Android 21 Saga: Activation added in Universe Mission 2. The ability prevents the enemy team from using Super Attacks. However, like in FighterZ, the Soul Link System is a game mechanic during these missions that can counter the effects of Wave Machine. If the Hero Avatar is on the player's team, they will soul link with either Goku or Frieza which grants them the ability Link with Goku and Link with Frieza which cancels the ability's effect. The effect will also be cancelled if the enemy team loses over 30% of their health.


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