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"Water and Cheesecake" (だいあい Dai-San Shiai, lit. "The Third Match") is the thirty-eighth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The main portion of the cover (underneath the Dragon Ball logo) shows Nam and Ranfan, who face off in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament during this chapter. The other six tournament finalists are shown in smaller panels at the bottom of the cover. Bacterian and Yamcha have Xs over their faces to indicate that they have been eliminated.


As the chapter begins, Goku is surprised that anyone could beat Yamcha so easily, while Krillin is nervous about having to face Jackie Chun next. As they leave the stage, Yamcha congratulates Jackie, who notes that Yamcha is young and will only improve. Yamcha is about to mention Chun's resemblance to Master Roshi, but is cut off by the World Tournament Announcer announcing the next match: Nam vs. Ranfan.

Nam defeats Ranfan

Nam defeats Ranfan using his Shura Gekiretsuken

Jackie Chun jokingly notes to Nam that he wanted to fight the attractive Ranfan, but Nam is unmoved, leaving Chun to wonder how Nam can be so focused during such a "glorified carnival." Reading Nam's mind, he sees that Nam has come to the tournament to win money to buy his water for his drought-stricken village. As the match begins, Ranfan flirtatiously winks at Nam before launching an aerial kick followed by a strike to the back of the head, both of which connect. An enraged Nam strikes back, but Ranfan screams as he approaches, causing him to instinctively stop his blow and simply tap her arm. Ranfan drops to the ground screaming that she has been hurt. While Nam apologizes, Ranfan attacks again. The stunned Nam declares that he will no longer view her as a woman.

However, Nam's declaration is short-lived. Ranfan dodges his next attack, then takes off her top and pants and seductively walks towards a blushing Nam. Jackie Chun is ecstatic, leading Yamcha to conclude that he is indeed Master Roshi. Nam backs away from Ranfan until he reaches the ring's edge, at which points Ranfan attacks. Nam closes his eyes, dodges, and delivers a blow to the back of her neck, knocking her out cold. The chapter ends with Jackie Chun looking over Ranfan's body, ostensibly to assess her injuries.





  • Jackie Chun breaks the fourth wall when commenting on Nam's appearance and demeanor. Stating that his attitude and serious looks do not fit the "upbeat and light-hearted" nature of the World Martial Arts Tournament so far and are not something that are common in the manga. When Jackie Chun read Nam's mind and sees that Nam has a very tragic backstory, he confirms from this that he is not from a gag manga.

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