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"Warriors of Justice Close In! The Pride Troopers!" (迫りくる正義の戦士!プライド・トルーパス!! Semaru Seigi no Senshi! Puraido Torūpāzu!!, lit. "The Warriors of Justice Close In! Pride Troopers!!") is the one hundred and first episode of Dragon Ball Super. This episode first aired in Japan on July 30, 2017. Its original American airdate was March 9, 2019.


With Kale having come to following her rampage, Caulifla compliments her on how incredible she was. Meanwhile as Goku prepares to fight Jiren, Top suddenly ambushes him with the Justice Flash. Top and Jiren decide to retreat and conserve their stamina. This leaves Goku to be dealt with by Kahseral and their fellow Pride Troopers Tupper, Zoire, Cocotte, and Kettle. The five declare their intent to defeat Caulifla and Kale to avenge Vewon's defeat and the two are forced to form a temporary alliance with Goku.


Frieza about to eliminate Murichim

Meanwhile, Master Roshi performs the Thunder Shock Surprise on Universe 3's Za Priccio, noting that the technique also means that he is unable to move. However with assistance from Tien Shinhan and his Tri-Beam they are able to eliminate him. They regroup with Gohan and Piccolo who they had split up from following Kale's rampage and then Vegeta and Frieza, where he has defeated Murichim much to Vegeta's annoyance as he had intended to fight him.

Goku and 18 teams up DBS 101

Android 18 helps Goku

The Pride Troopers push Goku, Caulifla, and Kale to the brink, but Android 17 and Android 18 rescue them. Goku is caught in a bear hug from behin by Tupper who amplifies his weight to cause tremendous pressure on him but he is saved by No. 18 who defeats Tupper and throws him from the ring. Meanwhile No. 17 easily overpowers Kahseral despite his ability to turn his Ki into blades of energy. The remaining Pride Troopers regroup and focus their assault on the wounded Caulifla and Kale. Cocotte seals them in a separate dimension to ensure that Goku, No. 17, and No. 18 do not interfere.

Kale 03

Kale in control of her power

As the four beat on Caulifla, Kale's self-hatred at not being of use causes her to transform but she remains in control of herself this time. During the beam struggle, Caulifla and Kale find themselves getting overpowered until Kale returns to her Legendary Super Saiyan state with Caulifla turning into a Super Saiyan 2 and use an extremely powerful combination ki blast to defeat Kahseral, Zoire and Kettle. Cocotte seals herself in a mini-dimension to avoid the blast, but No. 18 simply throws it off, eliminating her. Goku allows Caulifla and Kale to retreat so he can fight them at their full strength after they rest while above the group is unaware that Brianne de Chateau is observing them.

Major Events

  • Five members of the Pride Troopers confront Goku, Caulifla and Kale
  • Kale is able to gain control over her Super Saiyan transformation.
  • Team Universe 11 loses five of it's members.


  • Goku vs. Top
  • Master Roshi & Tien Shinhan vs. Za Priccio
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Mulithim
  • Goku vs. Tupper (Base/Petrified form) & Zoire
  • Caulifla vs. Kettle
  • Kale vs. Cocotte
  • Android 17 & Android 18 vs. Kahseral
  • Android 17 vs. Kahseral
  • Goku & Android 18 vs. Tupper (Base/Petrified form) & Zoire
  • Caulifla (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2) and Kale (Base/Super Saiyan C-type/Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Kahseral, Cocotte, Kettle, and Zoire
  • Android 18 vs. Cocotte






Animation Staff

  • Script - Hiroshi Yamaguchi
  • Storyboard - Kohei Hatano & Kiyosato Yamamoto
  • Episode Director - Makoto Sonoda
  • Animation Supervisor - Shuuichiro Manabe & Tsutomu Ono
  • Key Animators - Tsutomu Ono, Noborisa Sawaki, Taiichiro Ohara, Young-Soon Shin, Hiroshi Aoyama, Shohei Usami, Ken Otsuka, Shuuchiro Manabe, Yong-ce Tu, Masumi Hattori, Yumiko Tomiki, Yuu Yoshiyama
  • 2nd Key Animators - Mua Tsukino, Yuriko Tanaka, A-Line, TAP

Differences from the manga

  • In the anime, the Pride Troopers confront Caulifla and Kale. In the manga, they only confront Kale after having transformed into a Legendary Super Saiyan.
  • Za Priccio is eliminated by Master Roshi and Tien Shinhan in the anime and by Cabba in the manga.
  • Murichim is eliminated by Frieza in the anime and by either Gamisaras or Damon in the manga.
  • Kale is shown to have a regular Super Saiyan transformation in the anime which is not shown in the manga.
  • Kale is able to gain control over her Legendary Super Saiyan transformation in the anime which she is never able to do in the manga.
  • Tupper and Cocotte are eliminated by Android 18 in the anime and by Kefla in the manga.
  • Kahseral, Kettle and Zoire are eliminated by Caulifla and Kale in the anime and by Kefla in the manga.



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