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The Warlord's Domain is an area located in the west part of West City in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II. It is also the location of the Two-Star Dragon Ball when Goku was collecting them before the Cell Games.

Video Game Appearances[]

Although the area is controlled by a Warlord, an old hermit named Robert has been living here for 30 years. One day, this old man defeats the Warlord because his henchmen were making too much noise in the forest.


Robert's house in the wilderness

During the Hercule Day Parade, Robert steals the key to the city that was to be presented to Mr. Satan, who people thought he defeated the Warlord. At the West City Mayor's request, Gohan and Piccolo travel through the Warlord's Domain to retrieve the key. At Robert's house, they learn the truth, but they do not have a chance to tell it to the mayor. In the Warlord's Domain, the Dragon Team also rescue Carmen's husband who was kidnapped by the Warlord. Later, before the Cell Games, Goku finds the Two-Star Dragon Ball in the savanna that is the Warlord's Domain.

Enemies encountered here are the Warlord's henchmen, members of the Tiger Bandit Gang, and ladybugs.


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