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Ward Perry

Ward Perry (born March 20, 1970) is an anime voice actor who has voiced characters for a number of Ocean Group dubbed anime in Vancouver, Canada. He is perhaps best known for voicing Turles in the two Ocean Group dubs of Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might (this role has often been falsely attributed to Ted Cole).

He also voiced KamiSansho, Misokatsun and Dr. Wheelo in the Funimation produced Ocean dub of the Dragon Ball Z movies, and King Yemma in the Vegeta Saga. He was one of the few cast members who did not return when Ocean dubbed the Android and Buu arcs for AB Group.

Some of his other roles include Ryu Jose in the Mobile Suit Gundam series, Geese Howard in the Fatal Fury OVAs and movie, and StoneMan and DesertMan in MegaMan NT Warrior.