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Wahaha no Ha (ワハハノ波 Wahahanoha, lit. "Wahaha no Wave") is an Mouth Energy Sphere used by Aka.


Aka breathes in and yells the technique's name when firing a green energy sphere from his mouth. The name of this technique is referencing a stereotypical villain laugh.


In Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!, enraged after Gotenks propelled him into a lake with his Rolling Thunder Punch, Aka begins to demonstrates a significant devastating power and uses his Wahaha no Ha, which Gotenks accidentally deflects towards the Satan Hotel, but Piccolo used his Special Beam Cannon to break through it.


Video Game Appearance

In Dragon Ball Fusions, it appears as a learnable Special Move under the name Wahahameha.

Character meaning

  • ワハハ (Wahaha) = "Evil laugh" / "diabolical laugh" / villainous laugh.
  • ノ / の (no) = "Of" / "of the" / "from" / "from the".
  • 波 (Ha) = "Wave".