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{{Infobox Technique
{{Infobox Technique
|name=Violent Fierce God Slicer
|name=Violent Fierce God Slicer

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Violent Fierce God Slicer (激烈神烈斬) is an Energy Blade technique, and a more powerful variant of the God Split Cut used by Goku Black in his Super Saiyan Rosé form.


Goku Black creates a pink sword of energy from his aura, which he then uses in combat.

He first uses it in his fight against Vegeta, piercing his chest and defeating him instantly. He uses it again against Goku and Future Trunks to equally vicious efficiency.

This technique continues to evolve as Black gets stronger. The first form, which he used to mortally wound Vegeta and then Goku, is a long blade resembling a broadsword. The second version is much larger, with a slight curve to give it a resemblance to a large cutlass. This version can fire javelin-like projectiles, which Goku Black uses to defeat Goku. The third form is a large scythe, which can generate massive crescent-shaped energy waves to attack the opponent at range and can create rips in dimensional space. Energy exuding from the rift can produce replicas of Black with similar power levels that can also regenerate.

As shown by Vegeta, despite this technique's growing power from Black, if an opponent can generate a strong enough aura, it can block this technique's strike unharmed.


  • Violent Fierce God Slicer (scimitar): A more powerful version of his usual sword form, he uses it in combination with several piercing energy blasts that explode on contact.
  • Violent Fierce God Slicer (scythe): An even more powerful version of the Aura Slide technique, attained by Goku Black after he turned his anger into power. It became capable of opening a rift in space and time which could release clones of himself that are as strong as he is.

Game appearances

The attack appears as Fusion Zamasu's super attack in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. First Zamasu creates the Violent Fierce God Slicer, then he turns it into a giant blade, and then he slashes the opponent multiple times.


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