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"We're like celebrities to all these people, kinda like the role models an' all!"
— "Battle in Kami's Lookout"

Vinegar (ビネガー Binegā) is a large, brawny member of the Spice Boys.


He is a large, muscular Makyan alien with light purple skin, long pointed ears, and long dark brown hair. He wears a beige Mongolian-style fur hat which looks like a cap of a condiment bottle (Salt also wears one, though bigger and brown in color), adorned with white horns. Just like his comrades, he wears a Frieza Force-styled battle jacket, his one being black with musk-green pectorals and upper back, and also having a midsection opening showing his six pack. He also wears musk-green bracers and white boots with musk-green armored tips. He is the tallest and most muscular member of the Spice Boys.


Vinegar is short tempered, cocky and impulsive. He is ordered to show restrain multiple times by Spice and even Garlic Jr., one prominent example being when Vinegar about to kill an unconscious Piccolo after he was bitten by the infected. Spice quickly stops him and explains that doing so would prevent Gartlic Jr. from being able to use the dragon balls and Vinegar asks if he can still kill him later to which Spice reminds him that Piccolo is a ally now that he has been bitten. Vinegar also cares about his comrades, when Salt and Mustard are having trouble with Gohan, he wants to jump in and help but is ordered to stand back by Garlic Jr. When they are killed by Gohan right after, he is extremely angry and demands vengeance. He doesn't seem to understand how the Black Water Mist works as Spice has to explain to him how it does multiple times.

In the Funimation dub, he speaks with a gruff Southern accent.


Dragon Ball Z

Garlic Jr. Saga

Main article: Garlic Jr. Saga

Vinegar and the other Spice Boys stop Gohan

After Garlic Jr. releases the Black Water Mist and captures Kami and Mr. Popo, he sends the Spice Boys to Master Roshi's house to capture or recruit Piccolo. Once Piccolo arrives, Piccolo insults Garlic Jr., which greatly angers Vinegar who wants to immediatley fight him. Spice explains the presence of the Makyo Star and its origins. Spice invites Piccolo to join Garlic Jr., who turns down the offer. Piccolo is attacked and bitten by his friends becoming infected and the Spice Boys are waiting for him to rise as one of their own, Vinegar impulsively decides to put him out of misery. Spice stops him saying they need Piccolo to use the Dragon Balls, Vinegar then asks if he can kill Piccolo later, which Spice quickly responds no and that Piccolo is a ally now.

Gohan and Krillin arrive at Kami's Lookout and discover that Piccolo is now infected with the Black Water Mist and is violent and thrashing, so much that Spice is forced to restrain him. Garlic Jr. reveals himself and tells Gohan how he looks forward to getting his revenge and asks where Goku is. Salt attacks Gohan and when Krillin tries to help, he is attacked by Mustard. Garlic Jr., Spice (who is holding back a thrashing Piccolo) and Vinegar look on as spectators. Krillin is easily defeated and his being hurt causes Gohan to tap into his latent power and he kills Mustard and Salt, Piccolo breaks free and begins violently attacking Gohan for a while, Spice orders Piccolo to stand down, and attempts a combination maneuver with Vinegar which is interrupted by the Namekian. Piccolo fights Gohan, preventing Spice and Vinegar from being involved. Piccolo bites Krillin, who tries to help Gohan and infects him. Spice invites Gohan to join Garlic Jr. telling him that he the only one left. Piccolo and Krillin then corner Gohan and right when the Namekian is about to kill Gohan, he reveals that he was only pretending to be infected and grabs the vials containing Kami and Popo and throws them to Krillin who was also feigning infection. Krillin releases Kami and Popo.

Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin take on Garlic Jr., Spice and Vinegar, while Kami and Popo head off to spread the Sacred Water. Vinegar takes on Krillin and he easily gains the upper hand, even catching Krillin's Destructo Disk and throwing it back at him. Gohan saves Krillin and blasts away Vinegar, and quickly dispatches Spice who goes in for a sneak attack. However, like Spice, he is completely healed of his fatal injuries once Garlic Jr. activates the Makyo Star.

Vinegar transforms with the power of the Makyo Star and he becomes much larger, more muscular and powerful, as well as more vicious and bloodthirsty. He again fights Krillin while Spice simultaneously battles Gohan. Vinegar is able to easily defeat Krillin and kicks him through pillars and off of Kami's Lookout.  Gohan witnesses an injured and unresponsive Krillin falling and tries to help him, but Vinegar and Spice attack, preventing him. Watching his friend falling to his death and not being able to help results in Gohan's anger exploding, and releasing his latent power. Gohan then unleashes a powerful Double Masenko which destroys Vinegar and Spice.



Vinegar was powerful enough that Piccolo didn't take any chances in letting him and Spice fight Gohan, instead fighting Gohan himself to prevent him from getting any real injuries, which Vinegar and Spice would have no doubt inflicted. When Vinegar fought Krillin, he was able to catch a Destructo Disc and throw it back. He was able to easily defeat Krillin but when Gohan intervened he was easily defeated. When the Makyo Star approaches Earth, he grew larger, more muscular and powerful, he once again easily defeated Krillin. Once dispatching Krillin, Vinegar and Spice teamed up against Gohan, who was able to hold his own against them.

Pen and Paper Game

Vinegar's power level is 800,000 in base form and 1,600,000 when powered up by the Makyo Star in Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game.

Techniques and Special Abilities

Vinegar and Mustard using their special energy web technique

  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Telekinesis - A technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of one's mind.
  • Vinegar Cannon – A Full Power Energy Ball. Named in Dragon Ball Heroes. Vinegar charges an energy ball in front of him and launches it at his opponent.
  • Energy Web – The user launches ki out of his hand in a spider web-like shot, causing the opponent to get caught and unable to move. The attack also is known for its ability to tighten the more the victim struggles.


Super Vinegar

Main article: Gigantification

Vinegar transformed after harnessing the power of the Makyo Star

When activating the Makyo Star, Vinegar's muscle mass and strength increase greatly, and his entire body also grows in size and height.

Video Game Appearances

He is playable Dragon Ball Heroes, along with the other Spice Boys.

Voice Actors


  • Vinegar, Spice, Mustard, Salt, and Garlic Jr. vs. Kami
  • Vinegar, Spice, Mustard and Salt vs. Gohan
  • Vinegar vs. Piccolo
  • Vinegar, Spice, Mustard, Salt, Yamcha (Infected), Master Roshi (Infected), Chi-Chi (Infected) and Bulma (Infected) vs. Piccolo
  • Vinegar vs. Krillin
  • Vinegar and Spice vs. Gohan
  • Vinegar (Super Vinegar) vs. Krillin
  • Vinegar (Super Vinegar) and Spice (Super Spice) vs. Gohan


  • Vinegar is the first character to catch a Destructo Disc thrown at him, which was impossible for any character in the manga. Gohan would do this later, though unlike Vinegar, his hand makes no physical contact with it. This was also filler.
  • He, along with Salt, are the only members of the Spice Boys to not have new voices in the re-mastered Funimation Dub.
  • Vinegar, King Cold, Ox-King, King Yemma share the same voice actor in Japanese and French (Japanese voiced by Daisuke Gouri, and French voiced by Georges Lycan)


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