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"Videl... Battered" (ビーデルボロボロ Bīderu Boroboro, lit. "Videl Tattered") is the two hundred forty seventh chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred forty-first overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The fight between Videl and Spopovich is starting to turn against Videl. She gets smacked around by Spopovich, then nearly kicked out of the ring. However, Videl manages to catch herself and fly back into the ring without landing out of bounds. Gohan is happy that Videl's using the lessons he taught her, but Goku is still realizing something's wrong with Spopovich: He's barely fazed for the damage he's taken, and Goku can't feel his Ki at all.

Videl comes in with a powerful kick that ends up turning Spopovich's head all the way around, seemingly breaking his neck and killing him. However, Spopovich just grabs his head and forces it back into place, stunning the World Tournament Announcer, the crowd and Videl. Spopovich takes advantage of Videl's shock with a powerful punch to her face, but Videl manages to fly up and dodge his next one.

Spopovich, however, shocks everyone by flying up after her, something Killa and Jewel know he wasn't able to do before. Spopovich then knocks Videl back to the ring with a Ki Blast. Krillin notes it didn't have much power, but Vegeta knows he weakened it on purpose because killing your opponent would result in a loss. Spopovich goes back to pounding on Videl. The crowd is starting to become filled with horror, and even Gohan is begging Videl to give up the fight.



  • Videl vs. Spopovich

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