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Videl's Close Call (ビーデル危機一髪 Bīderu Kikiippatsu) is a Rush Attack used by Videl and Gohan in the Budokai series.


The technique begins with a punch by Videl, which misses the opponent. The opponent then proceeds to bash Videl to the ground, but before she hits the ground, Gohan is there to catch her. Videl shouts "Gohan!", then Gohan replies "Thank goodness I was in time. How dare you do that to Videl, you'll pay for this!"

Gohan then hits the enemy with a brutal combination of punches and kicks, in a style very similar to that of his Burst Rush. Gohan finishes the beating by backhanding his opponent to the ground. Before making contact with the ground, Videl finishes the combination by using a side kick on the opponent. Videl then shouts "Thanks, Gohan!" and waves, while Gohan flies away.



Videl's Side kick

The side kick Videl uses to end this attack is the one she used against Spopovich.[1]

Video Game Appearances[]

In Budokai 3 and Infinite World, if the attack is not executed successfully, Gohan will kick the opponent and hit Videl with him/her, knocking Videl down, with her saying "Hey it's dangerous!" Gohan then becomes embarrassed and flies away while Videl attempts to call him back.