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"Instantly close in on your enemy and launch a powerful rush attack!"
Dragon Ball Xenoverse in-game description

Victory Rush is a powerful Rush Attack used by GT Trunks in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series and Vegeta Jr. in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.


The user uses Rapid Movement to deliver an punch to stun the opponent, then uses Rapid Movement to deliver a barrage of punches and kicks in a hit-and-run like fashion (delivering a series of attacks then using Rapid Movement, then deliver another series of attacks), after which the user finishes the attack by using rapid movement one last time to appear above the opponent and deliver an Axe Kick to the opponent that knocks the opponent downwards.

Video Game Appearances

Victory Rush was named and first appeared in Dragon Ball Xenoverse as GT Trunks' Ultimate Skill. It can also be purchased by the Future Warrior at the Skill Shop in Toki Toki City's Industrial Sector, as part of GT Pack 1 DLC.

Victory Rush returns in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as one of GT Trunks' Ultimate Skills. It can also be obtained by the Future Warrior as a reward in Parallel Quest 89: "Super-Super Ultimate Series of Battles!".

In Dokkan Battle, it is used by Vegeta Jr. as his Super Attack. His knowledge of the technique indicates knowledge of the technique may have been passed down from Trunks within the Brief family to Vegeta Jr. himself.


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