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"Fire a Ki Wave powerful enough to warp time and space from your mouth and blow your enemy away."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse Evasive Skill description

Vice Shout (ヴァイスシャウト/バイスシャウト Vaisu Shauto/Baisu Shauto) is a technique used by Super Buu.


Buu lets out all of his energy in a high pitched scream, ripping apart dimensions. It functions by collapsing dimension walls and creating a rift in the universe.

The resulting portal will begin to rapidly collapse in on itself after being created, allowing only a short time for using it.


Super Buu first used this technique unintentionally in a moment of extreme desperation to create a dimensional portal and escape from inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber after Piccolo blew up the entrance.

Piccolo and Gotenks attempted to replicate the technique to make their own escape but were unable to until Gotenks transformed with Super Saiyan 3 and was able to use the Vice Shout himself.


  • Weak Vice Shout - A far weaker emulation of the vice shout utilized by Super Saiyan Gotenks and Piccolo in a failed attempt to collapse the dimensional walls.
  • Outside Space - A stronger version of Vice Shout used by Super Buu (Gohan absorbed) in the anime.

Video Game Appearances

Kid Buu's Vice Shout in The Legend

Super Buu uses it in a cutscene in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury. The technique was named Vice Shout in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, where it is one of the Blast 1 techniques used by Super Buu and Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks to momentarily paralyze their opponent. In Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, Super Buu uses it as his signature skill.

In Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors, its ability to create portals and warp spacetime results in Gotenks accidentally getting lost in time after leaving the Hyperbolic Time Chamber resulting in him going to various timelines as he tries to return to the Lookout. At one point he ends up in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in the timeline of Piccolo's What-if storyline where Gotenks accidentally releases Super Buu from the bottle Piccolo (fused w/ King Piccolo) sealed him in. As a result, Gotenks is forced to team up with the Piccolo of that timeline to defeat and kill Super Buu.

Vice Shout can be used by both Super Buu and Kid Buu in Dragon Ball Z: The Legend and Dragon Ball Heroes.

In the story of Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, Gohan compares Janemba's ability to create portals in time and space to Super Buu and Gotenks' Vice Shout technique.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, it is called Dimension Cannon and is Super Buu's Evasive Skill, though it lacks the ability to create portals and functions more like a weaker version of a Mouth Energy Wave. This skill can also be obtained by the Future Warrior as a reward in Parallel Quest 41: "Frieza's Nightmare Returns!".

"Fires a powerful timespace-bending Ki Wave from your mouth that sends any opponent in front of you flying! Hit the opponent while they're blocking to break their guard!"
Dimension Cannon Evasive Skill description in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Dimension Cannon returns as Super Buu's Evasive Skill and functions similar to how it did in Xenoverse, though its new description reveals that if the opponent is hit while guarding, it will break their guard. This skill can also be obtained randomly by the Future Warrior in Parallel Quest 59: "Potara Warrior". As part of the 1.17.00 Update DLC, after obtaining Customization Unlock Key 12 as a random Raid Reward, Omega Shenron can be unlocked in Partner Customization allow him to add Dimension Cannon to his Custom skillset after purchasing it in Partner Customization.[4]

In Dragon Ball Legends during the Tournament of Time the Mastermind traps his disobedient ally Buu: Super (Ultimate Gohan & Piccolo Absorbed) inside another dimension which was surrounded by layered dimensional barrier specifically to counter Buu: Super's Vice Shout to make it harder for him to escape. Outside of the main story, Vice Shout appears as the Special Quirk Skill Arts for Buu: Super (DBL11-09S).[5]

Similar Techniques

  • Kami uses a similar attack in the Garlic Jr. Saga to break down a thick wall of what appeared to be glass.


Gotenks' Dimensional Portal Cannon in Supersonic Warriors 2