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Due to a lack of an official translation, some Dragon Ball Online content may not be entirely accurate.

Vibra (比布拉 Bǐbùlā) was a former member of the Dark Namekians, until he was freed of corruption. He is a Poko Priest.



Vibra is an Earthborn Namekian who was originally a normal member of the Dragon Clan's Poko Priest class which specializes in the art of Pokopen, a result of Dragon Clansmen studying the surviving descendants of King Piccolo's mutated offspring after the Namekians relocated to Earth following the destruction of New Namek.

However the Narak-type Namekian named Gamelan, the Demon General who leads the Dark Namekians a group of evil Namekians who seek to conquer Earth, uses Manipulation Sorcery to brainwash Vibra and several innocent Namekians to join the Dark Namekians.

Dragon Ball Online

Vibra tried to kill Gamelan, defeating the Demon General Subordinates sent to face him (with or without the youth's help). After declaring that he would end Gamelan's reign, Gamelan brainwashes him thanks to the evil in his heart and has him fight the youth, he summoned his Bongo to aid him, but ultimately the duo where defeated by the youth.

Vibra self-destructs in an attempt to kill Gamelan, but fails.

Techniques and special abilities

Vibra's Bongo


  • He is presumably named after the "vibraslap" instrument.


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