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"Vegeta vs. Android #18, Round Two" (さすがのベジータ Sasuga no Bejīta, lit. "As You'd Expect of Vegeta") is the one hundred fifty ninth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred fifty-third overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of the chapter features Android 17 and Android 18 on a motorbike.


Android 18 is still standing, despite Vegeta's Ki Blast

With the Dragon Team having come to the support of Vegeta, Android 17 says that Android 18 cannot take them all on herself, and that he will have to step in. He asks Android 16 if he will help, but Android 16 says he will not. Android 17 calls him a bum and wonders why he was created, which Android 16 reminds that his goal is to kill Goku. Android 17 begins to walk towards the Z Fighters, and Future Trunks tells Vegeta that they must run, and that his pride is useless if he dies. Android 18 mockingly tells him he can leave, since she's not interested in cowards but Vegeta responds that he is about to finish her off. Vegeta adds that he would rather die against his opponent than join forces with the Z Fighters in order to win. Android 17 claps at this speech and says that Vegeta truly is a Saiyan prince, lauding his fighting skills showed in this fight. Vegeta spits the rest of the blood in his mouth and answer sharply that he does not need a puppet's praise.

Android 17 ignores the insult and then tells the other Z Fighters to respect the Warrior's Code ; by that, the Android means to not interfere in the duel between Android 18 and Vegeta. He promises to deal with anyone who does, meaning he will join the fight if one of the just arrived fighters interrupts the fight between the Android and the Prince of the Sayains.

Right after this speak of 17, Android 18 asks Vegeta if he wants to continue to fight her. Vegeta replies then to bring it on. Android 18 looks happy to resume the fight and charges Vegeta while flying at high speed to him. The young girl punches him right in the face, sending him flying towards the rock moutains, putting their duel aside the other fighters, even 17. Android 18 nimbly pursues his runway, but Vegeta kicks off a nearby rock wall and goes back to Android 18 at high speed. The female android has no time to dodge. Vegeta headbutts her in the face (Or in the stomach in the anime). Careless for a little while, Android 18 can't dodge the next hit of Vegeta, who uses his two fists to send her flying backwards into another mountain. Vegeta then fires a Big Bang Attack on her. In the heart of the mountain, 18 can't avoid the Ki Blast and is directly hit by the powerful attack. The Z Team is amazed by the power of it.

Vegeta severely attacks Android 18.

Vegeta stands in the air for a while, then begins to fly in the dusty fell, and when the smoke clears, Android 18 appears, still standing, gazing at Vegeta. She has mutiple face injuries and her clothes are tearing apart. Vegeta touches down really near his opponent and starts fuming at her, saying that the lack of injury on her is making him mad.

While removing off her ripped jacket, Android 18 smirks at Vegeta with a quite surprise expression and replies to Vegeta that she can't believe that he coerced her this much with that kind of resistance. Afterwards, 18 asks Vegeta if this famous Son Goku is even stronger than this.

With a smile, Vegeta responds that Goku is by far below than him, even if he admits that Goku was stronger than him once, but this time is over. Android 18 then restyles her touslaid hair and sneers by answering that she's disappointed of hearing the true level of Goku. She declares that she doesn't have to worry about either of their power.

Vegeta is taken by a red mist of anger and starts to attack Android 18 with a powerful kick. She hardly blocks the hit with her arm. Android 18 moves back and Vegeta takes this advantage to attack her with a swarm of punches and kicks. The female Android has no choice but to blocks and to step back. Secluded from the others, Vegeta and Android 18 can unleash all of their power without being interrupted again.

Android 18 breaks Vegeta's arm

Watching the fight from a far position, the Dragon Team has to furrow the eyes to watch the striking duel between the Super Sayain and the Female Android. Tien Shinhan cheers Vegeta, while the rest of the Dragon Team are watching silently the fight, impressed. Android 17 is turning back to them to check on their reaction, seemed amused by it. As Vegeta and Android 18 are trading blow for blow, Future Trunks is really surprised by his Vegeta's strength. He has to assume that Vegeta is able to hold his own against Android 18.

However, Piccolo does not share Future Trunks's optimism, and declares to the others that Vegeta soon will lose his duel against Android 18. Questionned by the surprising glances of Future Trunks and Krillin, Piccolo responds that Android 18 is hardly losing energy despite her injuries. Piccolo notes that Android 18 is slowly getting the upper hand, therefore Vegeta is losing stamina for each move he's making. Just then, Vegeta tries a new hit, but Android 18 blocks this one easier than expected. Right after, the Android sweeps Vegeta's legs. The Prince of Sayain tries to step back to regain his energy, but Android 18 rushes at him. The android punches Vegeta right in the face as he was attempting to get up. Future Trunks watches this with a horror glaze and swears against Android 18, seeing the defeat of Vegeta taking shape.

After a short ellipse, Android 18 follows an injured and stunned Vegeta. Android 18 delivers a bone-crushing kick which breaks Vegeta's left arm. Seeing this, Future Trunks is enraged and can't hold it back. He quickly transforms into a Super Saiyan, surprising the others by his move. Future Trunks then jumps to the shattered moutain in order to save his father.




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